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UPVAN is a state level network of CSOs which was initiated by some like minded organizations who got together to register their protest against the demolition of Babari Masjid in the State. Later on the network broad-based its activities and is very active on a number of entitlement issues.

A State network of voluntary organizations in U.P. is to promote collective voice of civil society for impacting lives of poor and marginalized. It has been engaged in creating a conducive environment for voluntary actions in the State for more than a decade. The actors of civil society and other voluntary groups joined the common platform to increase their cumulative strength of active, dynamic, and vibrant voluntary organizations by enabling them to accelerate their Collective voice for impacting lives of Poor & marginalized people. UPVAN has always adhered to its values as EQUALITY to tackle discrimination; PARTICIPATION towards achievements of missions; EQUAL OPPORTUNITY for all; DEMOCRATIC FUNCTIONING with transparency and accountability; SECULARISM & RESPECT for others activities, programs and experiences.

Presently, it has a membership of 316 voluntary organizations covering 67 districts. It commands proactive relationship with Govt., CSOs, Media, Academia and Voluntary groups. It intervenes regularly through its member VOs on concurrent issues. It has gained the faith & confidence of its members owing to democratic process initiated in a network. Image building of voluntary sector is its significant role achievement. UPVAN is placed as a member of NGO Cell in the State Govt. Gradually, it has developed in to a learning Institute in networking and collaborating 90 issue-based network and regional networks in the State. It has developed a unique method of membership through process of screening, level of participation and credibility.

Influencing stake-holders; research and documentation sensitizing and perspective building; multistakeholders dialogue and building alliances at State and National level are the major types of interventions from UPVAN. The program and activities in UPVAN cover Advocacy on current issues, Networking & Alliance Building, Main-streaming Gender and Information Resource services.

Currently UPVAN is coordinating State level Campaigns on RTI, NREGA, GOVERNANCE ACCOUNTABILITY ETC. At present, 316 active, vibrant and credible CSOs of U.P. are member of UPVAN. UPVAN is being supported by CORDAID, NOVIB, UNMC, DFID, CAPART etc.








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