Regional Meeting On National Rural Employment Guarantee Act

Date: - 2-02-08
Time: - 11.00 AM – 4.00 PM
Venue: -Nagri Pracharini Parishar, Banda
Organizer: - UPVAN, Lucknow
No of participants: - 71

UPVAN under the NREGA campaign organized a one-day regional workshop at BANDA, regarding the proper implementation of the act and formulate some strategy to broadbase the concept of NREGA among the rural and urban masses. The program was designed in two phases as panel discussion where the panel members shared their views on the concerned topics along with the open session where the suggestions of the participants were invited. The entire discussion was coordinated by Shri Rakesh Mishra, Shradha Samiti, Banda.

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Objectives of the Meeting: -
• Discussion on the problems faced in the implementation of the act and formulate concrete suggestion for the problem
• Discussion on Role of the VOs in social audit and implementation of the act
• Discussion on organizing state level public hearing program
• Discussion on the role of women under this act in context to MDG

Mr. Om Kumar Program Associate NREGA, from UPVAN started the workshop with a brief presentation on NREGA campaign and social audit on the following aspects: -

• Objective of the Act
• Important features of the act
• Problems in the implementation of the act
• Role of VOs in the scheme

Social Audit
• Objective of Social Audit
• Advantages of Social Audit
• Stages of Social Audit

After the presentation on the related topics Panel Discussion was organized with the following panel members: -

1. Dr. Janardhan Prasad Tripathi- Secretary, UPVAN
2. Shri Devi Prasad Gupta – State Coordinator, NREGA campaign, UPVAN
3. Shri Awdesh Gautam - PACS, Banda
4. Shri Rakesh Mishra, Shradha Samiti, Banda

Summing up the views of the panel members following statements were given-

  • The act would prove quiet beneficial to the masses of drought proof region as 100 Rs per day earning would provide them some kind of economical relief - Shri Devi Prasad Gupta, State Coordinator, NREGA campaign, UPVAN
  • UPVAN should do advocacy on the following issues under this campaign
    • Till date how many BPL families land have been used for the work?
    • How many reproductive infrastructural projects have been made?
    • What work is monitoring committees doing?
    • Why did labourers who were not provided any work received any kind of unemployment allowance? Shri Awdesh Gautam - PACS, Banda
  • Since the act is passed by the parliament so to build pressure on this act RTI could be used- Dr. Janardhan Prasad Tripathi- Secretary, UPVAN
  • The program should not be considered as any other development scheme but rather it should be taken ahead as a right based mass movement campaign- Shri Rakesh Mishra, Shradha Samiti, Banda

Open Session

During the open session following suggestions were given for the effective implementation of the act so that the benefits of the act could reach to maximum beneficiaries-

• As there is a provision under the SGRY scheme to provide subsidy to form groups of VOs same way under this scheme also VOs must be given the facility to form labourers group

• To punish the guilty booked during the implementation of social audit representatives of VOs, labourers must raise their voice from one common platform against the prevailing corruption during the social audit

• Mass awareness about the act should be created on a wide scale

• Districts where no District planning committees have been established yet UPVAN should do advocacy at the state level for the inclusion of the state coordinators in those committees

• Awareness should be created among the various stakeholders of the scheme

• To save the rural labourers from any sort exploitation under the act VOs must involve the rural youths to generate mass awareness and develop unity among the rural labourers to fight against the exploitation

• Ensuring proper participation of females and disabled under the scheme

• Advocacy should be done for the payment of money directly to the gram pradhans

• For the effective implementation of the act involvement of print and electronic media both at the district and state level should be ensured

• Group of 50 people should be formed for the purpose of generating mass awareness at the district, block, and Gram Panchayat level

• Certain traditional activities should be revised and replaced by the activities such as water conversation or any other activity depending on the need of the area for the effective implementation of the act

• People involved in the implementation of the scheme must be sensitized.








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