UPVAN advocates on issues affecting the voluntary sector and the community as well. Meetings, workshops and conferences are organized in which all actors of civil society including media, academia and government participate. Efforts are to sensitize the participants on the issues and bring forth suggestions. The basic purpose of advocacy is to sensitize and build pressure upon the government to develop people oriented mechanisms and accordingly frame policies, to benefit the sector & the community. Support and contribution from other civil society groups are also forthcoming. The issues are studied in detail, documented and shared with other Civil Society organizations, Stakeholders and the relevant authorities for necessary action.



  • Advocacy on issues affecting the lives and livelihood of the poor and the marginalized group;
  • To develop a favourable environment for the voluntary organizations through policy for effective functional change;
  • Strengthening a two-way channel for speeder and efficient flow of all important information i.e. collection, collation, analysis and documentation;
  • Efforts to build pressure on the policy makers to change/ modify those policies, which are not in favor of voluntary sector or are not in larger public interest.  


    • Citizens monitoring of government policies/ plan and programs for poverty alleviation.

    • Acts/Laws adversely affecting voluntary organizations

 State level Workshop on Future Strategy and Development of Muslim Community
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Future Programme For Nrega.
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Flood situation in the State of Uttar Pradesh
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Status of Uttar Pradesh Rural Employments Guarantee Scheme 
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Social Audit
(Accountability and Responsibility in the Social Development)

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Mid-Day-Meal Scheme in Primary Schools of Uttar Pradesh
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