Millennium Development Goals 

Government of India has signed the Millennium Declaration in September 2000, to do all it can do to eradicate poverty, promote human dignity and equality and achieve reasonable standerd in education and health for it and environment sustainability. The Millennium Development Goals are recognized as a legitimate policy commitment by the govt. of India to be achieved by 2015.

 Millennium Development Goals are as follows:

Eradicate extreme hunger and poverty
Achieve universal primary education
Promote gender equality and empower women
Reduce Child mortality
Improve maternal health
Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases
Ensure environmental sustainability
Develop a global partnership for development.

As a signatory to the Millennium Declaration, India has a huge task ahead. However since September 2000, desired progress has not been made in the direction of attaining these goals. In order to meet the millennium development goals in the remaining 7 and half  years, there is an urgent need to build pressure on political leaders to deliver on their commitments to the goals.

Hence there is a need to link millennium development goals with accountability of institutions and government at both national as well as state levels.

In this context a campaign of civil society actors “ Wada Na Todo” was initiated at the national level to strengthen bottom up pressure from village, Panchayats, districts, state and nation on the performance of the development oriented basis service delivery systems

This campaign initiated in the state of Uttar Pradesh by UPVAN has been named as “Wada Nibhao” campaign

Wada Nibhao campaign has been started in Uttar Pradesh by UPVAN for making the state accountable and responsible in their efforts for realizing the development goals. It will try to monitor the institutions of governance and would explore the realities regarding their commitments towards the citizens


It is an initiative of the civil society members to pressurise the government regarding their performance of the service delivery system. The data of grassroots realities would be collected and report would be published for circulation to various actors of civil society. These reports and the actual grassroots level reality would also be fed into national programs to influence the policy makers.

Objectives of the campaign

It was felt necessary to build up the pressure to the Govt. to influence the policy related to health and education.

  •  Grassroots level planning and implementations with field realities;

  •  Motivations to common people for cumulative strength for putting pressure on government;

  •  Mobilization of public by organizing demonstrations on important national days

  •  Make the Government feel responsive and accountable to citizens;

  •  Engaging organizations to collect collate & disseminate field realities on girl child education and primary health facilities in Uttar Pradesh.

Wada Nibhao campaign would like support and participation of all the actors of civil society to make this endeavor a success. The process of WNA could be well understood through this pictorial presentation.

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  • Prepare yearly reports about the field realities of the promises made by state government in context of the 8 Goals in Uttar Pradesh and dissemination of the report to build pressure and seek accountability from government at both state and national level.

  • Celebration of Important Days of national importance like Women’s day, Labour Day etc through seminars and programs to remind government regarding their promises and goals.

  • Launching of two important campaign under U.P.Social watch process namely ‘Stand Up Event’ and ‘Nine Is Mine Campaign’.


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UPVAN's Role in Stand up Event

UPVAN   has been an active member of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals Campaign in the form of a state level campaign called Wada   Nibhao Abhiyaan is a campaign at the meso level as a pert of a national level campaign called Wada Na Todo Abhiyaan. At the meso level the campaign has a two pronged agenda, one to raise awareness among masses through its outreach in 56 districts and pressure building at the level of government through organizing different events and publishing the annual social watch report. In this context Stand Up event is a mass mobilization tool to voice out ones views against poverty.

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Nine is Mine is a children’s campaign to ensure that 9%of GDP is allocated for education and health as promised in The National Common Minimum Program. This Campaign has been initiated by Wada Na To do Abhiyaan (Keep The Promises Campaign) which is a National Coalition of over 900 organization working to ensure fulfillment of Millennium Development Goals, National Development Goals and Common Minimum Program. UPVAN is an active partner in Nine is Mine campaign

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To achieve the goals of WADA NIBHAO ABHIYAN, one of the objectives was to celebrate the important days to mobilize and sensitize rural masses about various issues and their rights.

Following days are proposed to be  observed this year in collaboration with

  • International Women’s Day (8th March)

  • Savitribai Phoole Jayanti (10th March)

  • World Health Day (7th April)

  • Garima Divas (14th April)

  • Panchayat Divas (23rd April)

  • International Labour’s Day (1st  May)

  • Environmental Day (5th June)

  • Disabled Day (3rd July)

  • Children’s Day (14th November)

  • Human Rights Day (10th December)

Resources like leaflets, brochures and posters are prepared based on the above issues that are disseminated to our member organizations to provide them right based look. In addition to this members are encouraged to use innovative media like facilitating discussions, debates, plays to highlight the rights of people. Thereafter members send their brief report on the concerned day observation to the UPVAN Secretariat. At a later stage a complied report of all the members are prepared by the Secretariat.  








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