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Membership in UPVAN bears an elaborated process. Applications for membership are screened on the basis of their prospective track record, achievements, credibility, performance, financial stability etc. Memberships are of two types – Associate and General. The participation of associate members in activities of UPVAN and their contribution to UPVAN efforts, including the match of their objectives with UPVAN are helpful for upgrading as a general body member. The Associate members do not have voting rights but can participate in meetings and deliberations. From the General Body Governing Body is elected for a fixed period of three years. The Executive Board comprising 13 members including 5 office bearers governs UPVAN.

The state is divided into four zones viz, - East, West, South and central. 3 members from each region viz. East, West and South comprising one female and one male staff from each member organization will represent each zone. However, the central zone will have 4 member organizations because it includes the Secretary also. Election in the executive board is organized to elect the office bearers. 

The members of Executive Board are elected on a rotational basis after expiry of their term, which is of 3 years duration. To facilitate democratic functioning, one third of sitting members voluntarily retire in favour of their colleagues in the general body. This process helped in perpetuating the involvement of all the members in UPVAN’s affairs.

The discussion on the programs are undertaken during the Annual General Body Meeting decided that for each program/ activity a task force will be selected, which will be responsible for planning, implementation, budgeting and management of the program. 

Membership in UPVAN is of two types

Associate members : The screening of NGOs is done in the executive board on the basis of their credibility and sincerity in their work and norms of democratic functioning within the organization. These criteria qualify them as an associate member of UPVAN. The associate members have to pay a sum of  Rs. 100 as membership fees. They are not ushered the right to vote and cannot take part in the business session of the Annual General Body meeting.

General Body members : All those persons who have deposited membership fee of Rs. 150.00 for the period of one year shall be considered as General Body members of UPVAN.  

Such members have the right to vote  and are privileged to contest the elections for executive. After acquiring the membership if membership fee is not deposited within six months after the closing of financial year the membership will automatically be deemed terminated.

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