Networking & Alliance Building Programme

UPVAN networks, voluntary initiatives and action groups at the State level. It also collaborates with issue-based networks in the State by participating in their programs.  UPVAN had strong linkages with its member organizations as well, and had also developed linkages with network and other CSOs at the National & International level for alliance building and collaboration. The focus is on interaction, participation, strengthening, collaboration and alliance building


  • Enhance interaction among member organizations,
  • Enhance participation of member organizations,
  • Initiate alliance building and collaboration with civil society organizations and other stakeholders,
  • Strengthening the sectoral linkages.


  • Internal Networking 
    • Annual General Body Meeting
    • Board Meeting
    • Task force Meeting  
  • External Networking
    • Interface between Voluntary organizations stakeholders
    • Internship/Exposure
    • Alliance building with National Level Campaigns.

Annual General Body Meeting of UPVAN:

  • 15th Annual General Body Meeting was held on 28th 0f Sep 08 at SSK. Event was held with the presence of Mukut Singh in Auditorium. General Body Members & Associate Members paricipated in this event.
  • Upholding the values of Democracy the General Body members of UPVAN elected new Board members from among themselves. The 14th Annual General Body meeting was organized at Sahbhagi Shikshan Kendra( Lucknow). On the first day of the meeting brief presentations were made about the intervention of UPVAN followed by suggestions given by the members about the different campaigns like,NREGA, RTI and MDGs.

  Flood Situation In the State of Uttar Pradesh:

Floods are the most commonly occurring in Uttar Pradesh affecting almost every year some or the other part of the state. Important rivers, which create floods in the State, are the Ganga, the Yamuna, the Ramganga, the Gomti, the Sharda, the Ghaghra, the Rapti and the Gandak. The rainfall increases from west to east and from south to north .Similar is the pattern of floods ,the problem increases from west to east and south to north. Out of the 240.93 lakh hectares geographical area of the State about 73.06 lakh hectares is flood prone.

The Government of Uttar Pradesh has issued the revised CRF guidelines on 31st July, 2007 , where in relief measures have been declared, but at the field level there was hardly any knowledge about these guidelines, hence UPVAN has got printed sufficient number of copies and got distributed the same in the affected areas through its network organizations.

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