National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme

Democracy becomes real when rights are realized just and accountable governance is is key making democracy development work. This can only happen when people are empowered to seek accountability and monitor institution of governance. Right to information, democratization of knowledge and people’s participation are the enabling conditions for democratic governance. The citizens report on governance and development and social watch process emerged out of the felt need by citizens groups and civil society organizations to get informed analysis periodic monitoring of the important institution of our democracy and governance.

National social watch coalition (NSWC) is a broad based network of citizens groups and civil society organizations which attempts to monitor institutions of governance and their commitments towards citizens and principles of democracy ,particularly with reference to the marginalized section of the society

In this context of hunger ,poverty and broken people millennium declaration adopted by the un at the dawn of the new millennium does not make sense to the millions of poor people in India.

When the right to live with dignity is denied to millions, millennium development goals are a million miles away from the poorest of poor .so, are the national development goals ,envisaged by the tenth five year plan

UP Social Watch Report

UPSW 07-08

UPSW 06-07

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 However with appropriate policies of taxation recording of expenditure priorities, there is no reasons by substantial progress cannot be achieved vis-à-vis a set of basic rights, such as food and nutrition, drinking water, sanitation, shelter, primary health and basic education. The neglect of economic social and cultural rights generally leads to increased resource burden for the state to maintain the civil and political rights.

The policy making process should move towards a right based approach to development. All citizens must have a set of core entitlements, which are justicable, and in whose provisioning the state must be held primarily accountable obstacles in the way of fulfilling such entitlements must be confronted and efficient way of meeting the necessary obligation ought to be explored on an ongoing basis.








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